This series of 14 videos will help you understand how your monster was created, how you can recognize it, how to reprogram yourself to overcome it and much more!


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Is there a constant feeling inside yourself that you go to bed and wake-up with?

Do you notice these negative behaviors in yourself?


Self Judgment         People Pleasing
Comparison          Easily Angered or Offended


Have you tried to overcome these things, because you know they are destroying your soul and creating damage in your most important relationships?

These are where the monster tracks come in. They are our reactions, responses and behaviors that tie directly to the LIE under the bed; the monster.

These habits of thought, feelings and actions were created by our survival brain when we were young. 


Your young self had no idea how to process your identity logically or truthfully. It was emotionally processed with your survival brain (Amygdala) triggered. Anytime anything happened that you perceived negative, your brain automatically assumed it happened to you – and usually BECAUSE of you!

Even now as adults, we don’t realize how or why we have these negatives thoughts and emotions, because using our new and improved part of our brain; the prefrontal cortex, (which doesn’t fully develop until mid-twenties, usually) it’s hard to imagine how insane, irrational and illogical our young self was.

(Just for fun – start watching little kids with this thought in mind. You’ll understand better how YOU were, when you were little)

When we start becoming aware of, not only our actions, but the meaning and energy behind these actions, we can start to shift our thoughts, leading to healthier emotions, and thus rewire the actual brain circuitry.

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For a Limited Time Just $87 (normally $397)


The monster tracks are what we can watch. They are the specific proof there is a lie (monster) under our bed!


I know you’re probably not used to seeing poop being talked about on an info page like this – but welcome to Kim Fiske! (You never know what I’m gonna talk about!)

Let’s think back to little kids again.

Have you noticed when babies turn into toddlers – still in a diaper, but walking around? Have you ever “lost” them in your house and wondered for a moment where they were? Have you found them under a table? In the corner? Behind the couch? They were hiding somewhere. Upon further investigation you discovered they were pooping?

I have wondered why? Why do toddlers go and poop in hiding? Where did they learn they should hide? Why are they seemingly embarrassed? They’ve been pooping all their lives and I had been in on pretty much all the stinky mess they’ve made since birth.

Then it hit me! All of those “stinky messes” I changed probably had me making some sort of “yucky, stinky” face or even on really bad ones, gagging.

Do you see how when their cognition started to develop, they had a negative association with what was happening in their diaper? They didn’t have language around it. They didn’t know logically how they were feeling. They just FELT something a little “off or weird” about this activity and their survival brain gave them the message to “Flight” – Run away. Hide! This behavior may not be acceptable.

We come with preloaded brain wiring, as primates, to make sure we ARE acceptable in our community. These people HAVE to want to take care of you. Without logic, we are rather doomed.

Inside this video series, the entire monster metaphor will be explained in short segments. It’s laid out in a way, so you can rewatch the video clips easily for greater understanding.


The Tracking the Monster Video Series will explain:

  • How the monster was created
  • What it’s purpose was and continues to be
  • How to notice it
  • How you are doomed to be trapped by it unless you know the secrets of rewiring
  • How to reprogram yourself – now with the awesome brain “equipment” at our disposal

I also address each of the 10 Monster Tracks – giving an overview – so you can identify which are the primary one/s with which you struggle, so you can start the process of rewiring your thoughts and emotions. This is where you can find true freedom, peace and happiness deep inside of you.

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For a Limited Time Just $87 (normally $397)

"People pleasing was an obsession of mine. I was willing to sacrifice everything, income, relationships and my own self-value in pursuit of this track. The problem was I could NEVER make anyone happy and I seemed to be surround by people who kept pointing out my short comings instead of appreciating my efforts. Once I discovered this track was destroying my life and I mustered the courage to run to the roar, I found myself free, happy and magically surrounded by people who LIKE me!" - Sally


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